"What are Trump's plans after Castro's recent death?" 
Sunday, November 27, 2016, 01:56 PM
Posted by Administrator

Following the recent death of Fidel Castro, I've heard that, post-inauguration, the Trump Family will immediately lobby for the resumption of 100% relations with the island nation of Cuba.

I've heard that the Trump Family recently visited Cuba (some are voicing concern of a possible serious violation of the existing trade ban between the US and Cuba) and allegedly scouted potential business ventures there. I've heard they really like the Cuban market.

Sotto voce says within the year we will be enjoying unrestricted holiday travel between our two neighboring countries. Looking forward to that day.

Sign up on my mailing list and possibly win a free trip to Cuba.

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Historical Day! 
Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 03:36 PM
Posted by Administrator

Today's joint announcements from President Obama and President Castro has put a skip in my step and pushed me into overdrive as I get to work planning travel programs for the millions of Americans who will soon be traveling to the enchanting island of Cuba.

Go to TommyCuba.com and sign up on my mailing list so I can keep you updated on the fabulous travel programs I will be offering once the barriers are finally removed.

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BBC World News America 
Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 10:43 PM
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Another positive report how the Miami Cuban community is feeling about normalizing relations between Cuba and the USA.

Katty Kay devoted a large segment of her show tonight, BBC World News America, talking about how south Florida would now like to see Cuba and America bury the hatchet and allow Americans to legally travel to Cuba.

Three cheers for Katty Kay.

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"Calling all net savvy companies" 
Sunday, March 30, 2014, 07:40 PM
Posted by Administrator

I have a good feeling that after the upcoming mid-term elections the travel restrictions are going to be lifted. Regardless of the outcome all sides are now in favor of reconciliation. It could happen as early as the spring of 2015. When that happens I'll begin operating my travel program to Cuba. It's going to be fun and I want in.

I have everything in place but the internet. That's why I'm looking to partner with a net savvy company that can handle the tech. thomas@tommycuba.com

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"I believe it's time to start planning ahead" 
Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 10:56 PM
Posted by Administrator

Last Saturday, Jan 26, the Huffington Post opined that with the pending confirmations of both John Kerry for Secty of State and Chuck Hagel for Secty of Defense we could shortly see the end of the divisive trade embargo between the USA and Cuba.

The thousands of you who have been faithfully reading this blog for the last 5 years are well aware that I have successfully managed high quality leisure travel programs since 1971. You are also aware that I have been patiently waiting since 1994 for this embargo to end so that I might legally introduce happy American vacationers to all the unique and majestic wonders of Cuba.

I now believe that that time is near.

When it is legal to do so I am hoping to put together a program that will offer an 8 day/7 night package, air included, accommodations at either a 4 star or 5 star Varadero all-inclusive beach front resort, with a 2 day over-night option to Havana. All for less than $1500 p/p double occupancy. This is what, with your help, I'm shooting for.

If something like this interests you then sign on to my mailing list at TommyCuba.com. A fat mailing list gives me leverage.

When it's legal to do so I will then notify you of what I was able to put together and you can then decide if you would like to travel with me to what, for us Americans, is the last virgin destination in the world.

Go. Sign up at TommyCuba.com. You'll be glad you did.

Especially if I pull your name out of the hat and you win the trip for free.

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