"President Raul Castro open to talks with USA" 
Friday, July 27, 2012, 11:38 AM
Posted by Administrator

Well it's about time. President Castro has declared that Cuba is willing to mend fences with the USA and wants to sit down to discuss anything and everything, as long as it's a conversation between equals.

That puts the ball in the USA home court. Nothing will happen before the November elections but should President Obama win re-election than I expect, God willing, an ending to this ridiculous embargo by the USA towards Cuba and her long suffering people.

My 98 year old mother often says that "a kettle watched never boils" so thankfully we have the Olympics as a distraction and time-filler until the elections. She also has another favorite saying "Man plans and God laughs" so who knows what the future holds. Definitely not I. But one can hope...and pray.

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